Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tumblr Inspiration: The Pacific Northwest

Lately I've been feel really down and uninspired. I'm kind of in a summer slump. Does that happen to anybody else? I actually miss the routine of school, no matter how busy or stressful it gets. I miss seeing Garrett and all my friends. And you know what? It's just too hot. I can't stand it.

Feeling this way has got me thinking about my future. I've only got one year left of college. After that, I do a music therapy internship, get certified, then I'm off into the real world! And I've found myself thinking, where do I want my real world to be? Definitely not back home. Although Houston is so familiar to me, I just don't feel the same about it after going to Charlotte for school and growing up. It's almost like I'm growing out of this city, even though its incredibly huge! 

Whenever I envision my future, I see it in the mountains. That sounds a bit weird and vague, but I've truly always been fascinated with mountains. Growing up in Houston means rarely ever even seeing a hill. And mountains represent stability, which I something I think I strive for always. 

Mountains also (usually) mean cold weather, which is definitely a must-have for me. I have spent Christmas in upper Michigan, so I do know just how cold cold can get. But I absolutely love it. And after giving it some thought, I realized that somewhere in the Pacific Northwest is exactly where I want to be. This all might be super cheesy, but I don't care. I want to go there and I will.

Up Knorth

Hike The Northwest


THIS is what inspires me. Where I envision myself. Where I'll make my family. Where I will grow and go on great adventures and become closer to who I really am. And maybe that's too optimistic of me. But I don't care. I'm going to do it anyways.

// Catalina

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