Thursday, July 9, 2015

This Week's Playlist

What I'm listening to this week:

Lana Del Rey: Lately I've been absolutely obsessed with her albums Born to Die and Ultraviolence. I play these albums literally everywhere. Some of my favorite songs are Born to Die, Without You, Old Money, Cruel World, and my absolute favorite currently, Brooklyn Baby. One reason I adore Lana's music is her lyrics, mainly because of the imagery she expresses. One of my favorite lyrics is from her song Yayo. Although the lyrics look pretty simple, they way she sings them really brings them to life.
"Hello, heaven, you are a tunnel lined / with yellow lights on a dark night"
The Fray: I've loved them ever since middle school. For a while I haven't really been into listening to them, but lately they've kind of made a comeback for me. Currently my favorite song by them is Munich. Like Lana's Yayo, the lyrics in this song are really simple. But the music really gives them emotion, especially in the chorus! I haven't really listened much to their newest album, Helios, though. I really love their older stuff. Some other songs I'm loving by them right now are Vienna, Uncertainty, and Boulder to Birmingham, which has some of my favorite lyrics. The harmony in this song is breathtaking.
"And I don't want to hear a sad story / Full of heartbreak and desire / The last time I felt like this / It was in the wilderness and the canyon was on fire"
Brooke Waggoner: Another amazing artist that I've listened to since middle school, and again a recent rediscovery for me. Her creative style inspires me every time I listen to her. My current favorite songs are Wonder-Dummied, My Legionnaire, and Fresh Pair of Eyes. I absolutely love her use of piano and strings, which is really prominent in Wonder-Dummied. I love to hear her thematic transformations in this song! Of course, her lyrics are always amazing as well.
"And ask for the things you lack in heart / And you can begin a clean new start / Oh to be the purest of pure in his arms / Yeah he, he will shield you from all harm"
I love talking anything music, so hopefully this becomes a regular thing! If you have any suggestions on good artists, let me know! I love discovering new music!

// Catalina

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