Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Netflix Favorite: Chopped!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone's had a great week and has some fun weekend plans!

As I'm starting this new blog, I've been thinking of what I want to write about. As I'm going through my general interests, of course Netflix came up! I use Netflix for pretty much all of my tv watching, even when I'm home for the summer.

I figured I'd like to showcase my favorite netflix shows, and hear suggestions from all of you! And what's better to start with than one of my favorite shows EVER: Chopped!

My favorite host, Ted Allen, ready to chop! Picture found
here, an amazing article about Chopped!

Ever since I discovered Chopped on Food Network, I've been absolutely obsessed. I love the concept of the mystery baskets, and how creative and crazy they get! One of the most memorable baskets I can remember is an entree round that included astronaut ice cream!

I also love how some episodes have a theme. Some notable ones for me were "Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner," where the rounds were changed to that from the regular appetizer, entree, and dessert! That was so fun to watch, although I definitely missed the dessert round! Another fun one to watch was "Teen Invasion." It was so inspiring to see such young chefs compete and make brilliant dishes! 

In addition to the awesome, creative chefs, I love the Chopped judges! If I had to choose my dream panel, it'd be Geoffrey Zakarian, Alex Guarneschelli, and Scott Conant. All three judges are really inspiring to me! If you are even a little bit of a foodie, I highly recommend you follow them on instagram! 

Speaking of instagram, one of my best instagram moments is when GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN COMMENTED ON MY INSTAGRAM POST. (/cue me, fainting, and probably crying). I received his AMAZING cookbook, My Perfect Pantry, for this past valentine's day! I posted it on instagram, shamelessly tagged GZ, and when I realized he commented, I probably had a meltdown for hours. I WAS SO EXCITED. LOOK AT THIS.

Chopped has a special place in my heart. I even sent an application to be on it once! Although I don't consider myself a cook of chef caliber, I figure it was worth a try! They were currently casting for an undergrad-themed episode, which would have been perfect for me! Unfortunately I didn't hear back, but I still feels cool to say I did it :)

What are y'all's favorite netflix shows? I'm always up to hear new suggestions!

// Catalina

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